Blog #694: Toy Reviews: Botcon 2014 Deluxe Knight Devcon


Botcon 2014 Deluxe Knight Devcon


Mold: Transformers: Generations Deluxe Scourge (Repainted, New Head)

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I was so excited about Devcon.  He’s a well known character, even if he made only one appearance in the G1 cartoon.  The prototype looked absolutely awesome.  Then we got this.  In fairness, he’s mostly perfect, but they completely screwed up his face.  The prototype picture had his face perfect.  They seem to have gotten the “helmet” right, but his face is tall and narrow and looks absolutely ridiculous.  I know they will give us all kinds of crap about them being prototype pictures, but if the prototypes are going to be this different from the production, then they should show nothing until they have a finished toy in hand.  It’s a real shame, this toy should have been so great.  I guess we can all hope that one of the third party companies makes a correctly molded head for him.

Grade: C

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