Blog #433: Toy Reviews: MasterShooter Collectibles (Third Party) Bolt-Action, BrOOM-Stick, Minute-Bot, Shot-Piece

MasterShooter Collectibles (Third Party) Bolt-Action, BrOOM-Stick, Minute-Bot, Shot-Piece

At long last, I finally managed to get a hold of a set of Master Shooters set of four Targetmasters Bolt-Action (Firebolt for Hot Rod), BrOOM-Stick (Fracus for Scourge), Minute-Bot (Haywire  for Blurr), and Shot-Piece (Recoil for Kup).  These are as amazing as the previously reviewed Crusaders and Leader Destruction Team sets.  Please read that review for details of the amazing design of these toys.

I don’t really have any specific comments on any of these (accept Shot-Piece) other than to say they are fantastic.  So here are the pics.  More on Shot-Piece at the end.













Shot-Piece has a design element that was not used in the Crusaders and Leader Destruction Team sets.  Apparently the handle and pivot for the flip out barrel can be mounted on either the upper or lower back, creating a Targetmaster with the head pointing front instead of at the back.  This exponentially increases the already enormous number of combinations possible.

As to Shot-Piece’s name.  I think it might have been chosen because of this video (the video contains lots of inappropriate language, you’ve been warned) where Optimus Prime renames Kup Shit-Piece.

Thanks for reading!

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