Blog #432: Toy Reviews: MasterShooter Collectibles (Third Party) Mega-Gun and Brown-King



MasterShooter Collectibles (Third Party) Mega-Gun and Brown-King



These have been out for quite a while, but I only recently picked up a set.  I continue to be wowed by the designs and quality of Master Shooter Collectibles toys.  Mega-Gun is a Megatron Targetmaster figure done in G1 colors.  His repaint Brown-King is named for G1 Browning, but is clearly painted like the repainted brown/black G1 Megatron that came out in 2000.  I love these.  They are made from high quality plastic, and are well built.  They have not done any other G1 main characters as Targetmasters since these two came out (they have all been new versions of original Targetmaster) but I would love to see them do Shockwave and Galvatron.

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