Blog #407: Toy Review: Transformers: Prime Beast Hunters Ultimate Class Beast Hunter Optimus Prime


Transformers: Prime Beast Hunters Ultimate Class Beast Hunter Optimus Prime

Recently at Botcon, Hasbro said that going forward they will be making some toys with simplified transformations.  This came about because they realized that the transformations were becoming ridiculously complicated as compared to G1 toys.  I could have told them that five years ago, but then Hasbro always has seemed a little slow to figure things out.

I bring that up, because this Optimus Prime seems to have a very simple transformation, and I am wondering if this is an example of their simplifying transformations.  If so, they’ve done a good job.



Vehicle Mode: Lets ignore the missile launcher thing on the roof for a minute.  He looks pretty decent, accept for the fact that he has no sides to the rear of the vehicle accept for the sword and the shield.  The giant eye sore on top is a rotating missile launcher that kind of works, but jams and comes out of alignment very easily.  It is unfortunately not removable.


Robot Mode: The rotating launcher works in robot mode too.  You push down the gray piece under his windows to operate it.  It kind of works, but jams easily.  His sword looks like it came right out of a horror movie.  Very cool.  He’s really great looking, though his head is a little too small for his body.

Overall: He’s a pretty decent toy, certainly large and detailed.  I’m just not sure he’s worth the price tag of $60.

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2 Responses to Blog #407: Toy Review: Transformers: Prime Beast Hunters Ultimate Class Beast Hunter Optimus Prime

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  2. tfcrafter says:

    The transformation is very simple, but I’m pretty disappointed at the next few Transformers Prime waves: the next deluxe wave are just larger versions of their Cyberverse molds, like Bumblebee and Smokescreen.

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