Blog #408: Toy Reviews: Transformers Prime Non-Transforming 16 and 12 inch figures Optimus Prime and Bumblebee

Transformers Prime Non-Transforming 16 and 12 inch figures Optimus Prime and Bumblebee

These seem to have come out of nowhere.  The 16 inch Non-Transforming figures started showing up not long ago at Canadian Toys R Us stores, and more recently in USA stores.  They are Toys R Us exclusives.  I went to Toys R Us this week and found the 12 inch figures, which I hadn’t even heard of before, though a little research online indicates they were announced for this fall.  These do not have a Toys R Us exclusive sticker on them.  I haven’t seen any info online about these 12 inch ones being found previously.

The 16 inch versions have more detailed molds.  Unfortunately, they could have used some more paint apps.  In fact, if they had a few more paint apps they would be pretty cool and well worth $25 each.  As it is, they look nice, but are not worth $25.  As is probably obvious, they have very little articulation.

The 12 inch figures are less detailed, and have even less paint apps.  Again, these would be very cool with some additional paint apps, though at $10 each, seem a far better value than the 16 inch figures.

Optimus Prime 16 Inch



Optimus Prime 12 Inch



Bumblebee 16 Inch



Bumblebee 12 Inch



Overall: If you aren’t a completist like me, you probably won’t want to bother with these, though the 16 inch versions are reminiscent of Shogun Warrior toys for the 1980’s, and would fit in nicely if you collect those.

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One Response to Blog #408: Toy Reviews: Transformers Prime Non-Transforming 16 and 12 inch figures Optimus Prime and Bumblebee

  1. bob, ya know wink wink ;) says:

    eeeew! they look awful and nasty

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