Blog #293: Toy Review: Japanese Transformers Prime Voyager Leo Prime with Arms Micron L.P.

Japanese Transformers Prime Voyager Leo Prime with Arms Micron L.P.


Box:  The boxes for the Voyager toys are the same shape as the US versions.  All the text and pictures are changed.

Arms Micron L.P.


Kit:  The kits are fairly easy to assemble, and so far the stickers seem to be staying on well.  The plastic is higher quality than the Kabaya kits.  They have no paint apps and are perfect for customizers to paint up for a more elaborate look.  Each Arms Micron includes something like a spark crystal, but I’m not sure if that is the intent of it.  A sticker goes on before the outer translucent plastic to form it.  They look nice, but I had some problems getting the crystal to stay in on some of them.  Might need a little glue.


Weapon Mode: L.P. is a sword, and one of the better ones, I think.  It could have used a few more stickers on the hilt.


Robot Mode: Interestingly, L.P. is not designed to be a random robot.  L.P. was clearly designed to look like Beast Wars II Moon.  A very neat idea since he’s partnered with Leo Prime.  Like the sword mode, the robot mode needed more stickers.  He’s just too plain.

Leo Prime (Based on Transformers Prime Voyager Thundertron.)


(For Comparison – Leo Prime [left] & Thundertron [right])

Vehicle Mode: If you read my blog about Transformers Prime Voyager Thundertron, you’ll recall that while this is a pretty good toy, it didn’t look anything like a wolf, which is what Thundertron was supposed to be.  He does however make a really great looking Lion.  Really nice and I love the colors.  He is an homage to Beast Wars II Lio Convoy.

(No Stickers)

(With Stickers)

(With Peg Leg)

(For Comparison – Leo Prime [left] & Thundertron [right])

Robot Mode: I really like the robot mode, but it has one major flaw.  It’s supposed to be Lio Convoy, and yet, his head looks nothing like Lio Convoy (which looked like Optimus Prime in case you’ve never seen Lio Convoy).  I realize that remolding the head, considering how it fits into the body, might have been difficult, but they should have been able to do something.  The only other issue I have with this is that Lio Convoy was not a pirate (as Thundertron is) so his peg leg is a bit silly.

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