Blog #2213: Toy Review: Transformers: Classic Heroes Team (Grimlock, Optimus Primal)

Transformers: Classic Heroes Team (Grimlock, Optimus Primal)

Classic Heroes Team seems to be another filler line (in addition to Dinobot Adventures) using Rescue Bots and Rescue Bots Academy repaints and molds likely meant for those lines to fill the gap until whatever new series replaces Rescue Bots Academy. The name was originally used for two waves of Rescue Bots Academy toys, the first of which was minor repaints of Bumblebee and Optimus Prime, and then unchanged reissues of Heatwave and Chase. Those same Optimus Prime and Bumblebee repaints were also included in Classic Heroes Team wave one with Grimlock and Optimus Primal. The art on the package suggests these are more closely connected to Authentics than Rescue Bots but it does not say Authentics on the package. I have yet to see these in stores. I got these for retail on Amazon. Target and Walmart do not seem to have pegs for Rescue Bots anymore, so I assume if these do end up in stores, they will be with the rest of the Transformers, but that remains to be seen.


I am assuming that Grimlock was a new Rescue Bots Academy Rescan Series mold that wasn’t used. Could he be a brand new mold specifically for This new Classic Heroes Team? That’s certainly possible, but who knows? In dinosaur mode Grimlock looks pretty awesome. He is mostly metallic gray with some red, blue, and gray highlights. In robot mode he looks pretty good, very G1.

Optimus Primal

Optimus Primal is one of the best new Rescue Bots molds in a while. He looks great in beast mode. His transformation is basically standing him up, but he is very well engineered. All the parts smoothly transform with no extra movement, it’s all geared, a true 1-Step-Changer. In robot mode he looks fantastic. His colors are great and his head sculpt is great. I am really impressed with this one.

Overall: Optimus Primal is an absolute must have. I also highly recommend Grimlock, though he is not as good as Optimus Primal.

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