Blog #2159: Toy Review: Transformers/Universal Monsters Deluxe Class Draculus

Transformers/Universal Monsters Deluxe Class Draculus

The Package: Draculus’s box is designed to look like a video cassette of Dracula. It looks pretty cool.


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“I want to bite your mech.” – Draculus

Get it? Because he’s a robot. Anyway. I was really not sure what to expect from Draculus. I kind of thought he might bite. Get it? I’ll stop now. They did an incredible job remolding him. He really has that classic tuxedo Dracula look. His head sculpt is very cool, and he has new less robot looking hands. In robot mode the cape looks awesome. He can wrap it around him and it stays in place pretty well or just have it on his back. He looks awesome in bat mode, but the cape doesn’t do a lot for him.

Overall: Draculus is really cool. I was unable to find him at Target. I went to a store on release date and they said that their system said they were delivered, but they didn’t know where they were. Clearly Target doesn’t have a functional inventory system, or the people running that system are idiots. I went back to my car and ordered it online. I never actually saw them in store. Is it a must have? Probably not, but if you like Dracula, Draculus is worth picking up.

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