Blog #2036: Toy Review: Transformers: The Movie: Studio Series Leader Class Grimlock & Wheelie

Transformers: The Movie: Studio Series Leader Class Grimlock & Wheelie

The Transformers: The Movie Studio Series toys are clearly meant to be part of the third part of the War For Cybertron Trilogy. Presumably Hasbro decided to put them in Studio Series so they could shoehorn Beast Wars in rather than doing a separate line for the 25th anniversary of Beast Wars. If they couldn’t give Beast Wars it’s own line, including an additional wave in the Kingdom line would have made more sense.


Dinosaur Mode: Before we get to Grimlock, we need to talk about Wheelie. I did not expect Wheelie would actually transform, but I was expecting that he could stand up on his own. Wheelie is nothing but an accessory. His legs are molded into a sitting position. He’s only good for sitting on Grimlock’s back in dinosaur mode or on his shoulder in robot mode. Pretty crappy that they couldn’t add two simple knee joints so he could stand on his own. As to Grimlock, he looks amazing. He is absolutely perfect.

Robot Mode: Grimlock is equally perfect in robot mode. Hasbro really did a great job on Grimlock. I don’t think Grimlock can be done any better than this, though I wish the translucent plastic on his chest was a little light so you could see the Autobot symbol better.

Overall: While Wheelie is annoying, Grimlock is an absolutely must have.

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