Blog #1966: Dairycon 2020 Exclusive Toys & Merchandise Review

Dairycon 2020 Exclusive Toys & Merchandise Review

I had planned to go to Dairycon 2020. Due to Covid-19, Dairycon 2020 was postponed until September. Due to Donald Trump’s criminal disregard for human life, travel still wasn’t feasible in September so I was not able to attend. Due to Pennsylvania (and you too, Wisconsin, I’m not forgetting you) there is at least a chance I’ll be able to go next year. (See what I did there?) I was able to get all the exclusives though. Pictures and reviews are below.


Car Rub Sign




Exclusive Toys

Bonerod and Mossrod

Bonerod and Mossrod are repainted from Power of the Primes Prime Masters Skullgrin. They are very cool. Mossrod is actually an unreleased prototype. You can read Bonerod’s bio here.

Slam and Zombie Roadbuster

Slam is repainted from Titans Return Titan Master Skytread’s vehicle. He has an awesome weathered/battle damage look. His treads are painted, making him look better than the poorly painted Hasbro version. Slam does not transform, but he does form the right leg of Zombie Roadbuster. Zombie Roadbuster is awesome. He is repainted from Dark of the Moon Deluxe Roadbuster. The paint details are fantastic. You can read Slam and Zombie Roadbuster’s bios here.

Somebody’s Mom

One of the true villains of toy collecting, always complaining that you have enough toys. This vile villain must always be defeated, but at last we have a use for all those Rose Tico figures nobody wanted. Read about Somebody’s Mom’s villainy here.

Dairycon Volks and The Wintergreen Soldier

Dairycon Volks (or Captain AmeriCar, as I like to call him) and The Wintergreen Soldier are two of my favorite Transformers convention exclusives of all time. They are awesome. They truly are Moo Than Meets The Eye! Read all about them here.

Cattle Beasts Pasture Prime

And finally, thanks to a generous and talented Dairycon attendee who made this “Cattle Beasts Pasture Prime” Staff Appreciation Exclusive. Clearly a lot of time and energy went into Pasture Prime, he looks amazing, and I cannot believe I never thought or “Cybarntron”, “Omooga Supreme”, or “Walther Buffalo”. Could this be a hint of future Dairycon exclusives? To be continued!?!?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Opie Cunningham says:

    Love the Dairycon stuff! How do I get some of their exclusives?

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