Blog #1891: Toy Review: Transformers Masterpiece Lio Convoy

Transformers Masterpiece Lio Convoy

The original Beast Wars II Lio Convoy is one of my favorite Beast Wars toys. Optimus Prime as a lion was such a cool idea. Unlike Optimus Primal, he incorporated Optimus Prime’s color scheme and really looked like Optimus Prime adopted a new alt mode as a lion. Needless to say, I was super excited for Masterpiece Lio Convoy. Now that I have him in my hand, if I had to sum him up in one word, it would be…eh. Is “eh” actually a word? You know what I mean.

Lio Convoy

Beast Mode: Masterpiece Lio Convoy is not a bad toy, I just like the original better. Lion mode is okay, but suffers from the same problem of robot parts showing as do all the Masterpiece Beast Wars toys. Honestly, it’s probably about the same as the original toy, but if you can’t do better than the original, why are we doing a Masterpiece at all? I felt the same way about Masterpiece Star Saber. I know that his lion mode is meant to look like the animation, but the original toy is a much better lion. Masterpiece Lio Convoy is too cartoony, mostly because of the mane. He sort of looks like he should be frolicking with My Little Pony (and then having them for dinner). He comes with tons of weapon options that can be configured in a variety of ways in both modes. I missed one photo of his spinning mane. There is a robot mode pic of that below. It’s basically the same in lion mode.

Robot Mode: While I’m not crazy about his lion mode, Lio Convoy looks awesome in robot mode. Probably a little superior to the original toy, but I still prefer the look of the mane from the original.

Overall: I have never watched the Beast Wars II series, because there has never been an official English dub. I can’t deal with subtitles. If I had watched it, the look of this toy might do a lot more for me than it does. They will probably repaint Lio Convoy into a more toy colored version, but unless they remold the mane, it won’t look like the toy.

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