Blog #1872: Toy Review: Transformers Encore Beast Wars Neo Matrix Buster Big Convoy

Transformers Encore Beast Wars Neo Matrix Buster Big Convoy


Matrix Buster Big Convoy comes with NAVI. They have never done a dub of Beast Wars Neo (at least not an official well one), so I have never seen the series. I can’t deal with subtitles. If I wanted to read a story, I’d read a book. (Actually I only listen to audio books, so I wouldn’t read it at all.) Because of this, I have no idea who NAVI is.

Matrix Buster Big Convoy

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I never did a review of the original Big Convoy that came out way back when. Matrix Buster Big Convoy is pretty close to identical to the original toy, though his tusks are more white, less yellow. In mammoth mode he has light brown fur on his legs and dark on his upper body. Looks really cool. Robot mode is almost completely different from the first Encore version. His Matrix has been remolded so that it can fold up and fit inside the Matrix Buster. The Matrix Buster is pretty cool, though a bit awkward. You have to fold back one of his tusks. That kind of annoys me, but it’s not really a big deal. He has two accessories that plug in between his mammoth feet and legs. They seem to serve no purpose, but were apparently part of the animation, which makes it weird that it was then included with the toy colored version rather than the animation.

Overall: The incredible paintjob on the first Encore Big Convoy is what made it a must have. I’m not sure I would put the Matrix Buster in that category. There is a third party version of the accessory coming out, so you can always get that if you really want the accessory.

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