Blog #512: Toy Review: Transformers Collector’s Club 2013 Subscription Service Ultra Mammoth


Transformers Collector’s Club 2013 Subscription Service Ultra Mammoth



First off, yes, I know I forgot to flip down his horns on his robot head.

Ultra Mammoth is without question the best toy in the 2013 Subscription Service line.  This is the fourth toy to use this mold.  First was Beast Wars Neo Big Convoy who was available in Japan.  Then it was repainted into Black Big Convoy.  Later, as part of the first Transformers Universe line he was repainted into Nemesis Prime (who is completely different from Big Black Convoy).

I love his blue and white color scheme in mammoth mode.  There is some red visible on the back of his legs, but it’s not bad.  They did a really nice job on the color scheme.

He looks just awesome in robot mode, though I’ve never liked his elephant gun. 🙂  He has a removable matrix in his chest, which I forgot to photograph.  The red, white, and blue works really well on this mold.  I always new he would look great in mammoth mode, but I wasn’t as sure about his robot mode.

Full points to Fun Pub for this one.

So, to sum up the 2012 Subscription Service, we had two really awesome toys in Ultra Mammoth and Breakdown.  Scourge was a very good toy, but had conceptual issues.  Slipstream was pretty good.  Jackpot was just unnecessary, but a decent looking toy.  Circuit’s vehicle mode is okay, but does look lie a cat threw up.  So, I’ll give them 4 wins out of six.  That’s not too bad.  I’m hoping for more from 2014.  (I’m not holding my breath.)

Previous 2013 Subscription Service Figures:






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