Blog #1653: Toy Review: Transformers Encore Beast Wars Neo Big Convoy

Transformers Encore Beast Wars Neo Big Convoy

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Big Convoy

Beast Mode: Big Convoy is awesome. This toy is not a straight reissue, but an animation accurate repaint. He looks amazing in mammoth mode. He has great action features. A switch on top of his head makes his trunk go up and down. If you pull back on his ears his tusks go up and down. You can also partially transform him to reveal is gun and missiles, but I did not take a picture of that, as that mode looks pretty silly.

Robot Mode: He looks amazing in robot mode. Takara really did a great job painting him. I’m not crazy about his elephant gun (yes, that’s the second time reviewing this mold that I’ve made that joke, and if another comes out, I will do so again). He also has a matrix in his chest that he can hold and two flip out tonfa melee weapons, which are kind of like billy clubs.

Overall: Even if you have the original, or any other version of this mold, Encore Big Convoy is an absolute must for the amazing paint job.

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