Blog #1818: Toy Review: Transformers: Cyberverse Target Exclusive Sharkticon Attack Box Set

Transformers: Cyberverse Target Exclusive Sharkticon Attack Box Set

Stealth Force Hot Rod

Previous Mold Use: One Step Changer Hot Rod

Hot Rod looks really cool in black, and makes me even more excited for the Warrior Class Stealth Force Hot Rod that I still can’t find. I have long complained how ridiculous it is that so many, in fact most, of Hasbro’s Transformers One Step Changers actually transform in more than one step. This set, unlike single boxed One Step Changers, comes with an instruction sheet that shows how to transform Hot Rod in more than one step. Now, this package doesn’t actually say One Step Changer on it, but that’s what the toy is. It really made me laugh. Clearly Hasbro realizes how stupid calling them One Step Changers is, an yet they have never come up with a different name that might make more sense. Easy Changers? Turbo Changers?


So, I can’t recall from the cartoon episode that included the Sharkticons if one of the three Sharkticon factions was green and another orange, but whether they had those colors in the cartoon or not, why make two of the toys the same color? When I found the set, I thought it was my eyes, and one of them was blue, but no, two of them are green and one orange. They’re kind of cute, though I wish you could see the green and orange in robot mode.

Overall: At $20, this set is pretty reasonable. It just feels so cheap to do two different color Sharkticons instead of three. Each should have had their own color.

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