Blog #1817: Toy Review: Transformers: Cyberverse Target Exclusive Quintesson Invasion Box Set

Transformers: Cyberverse Target Exclusive Quintesson Invasion Box Set

Prowl & Shockwave

Prowl and Shockwave are identical to the Spark Armor Battle Class Prowl and Shockwave (read my reviews here and here) without their armor/vehicle. The set comes with two helmets that I presume are used to enslave them. I do not believe the Quintessons have shown up on the cartoon yet, though they were mentioned once, so it’s kind of a guess what these helmets do, but it seems to be a logical assumption. I believe these helmets are compatible with all the Spark Armor Battle Class toys.

Quintesson Judge

The Quintesson Judge does not transform. Four of his tentacles can be moved on ball joints, but the rest of them are one solid piece. If you push down on the top of his head the faces spin around. The judges faces are not identical to the G1, but I am guessing they are (in order of the pictures above) Death, Rage/Wrath, Bitterness/Wisdom, Laughter/War, and Doubt/Judgment. (Please refer to this article on TFWiki for more info on why most of them have two names.) I may be wrong on some of those. Death is obvious, and I’m 99% sure on Rage/Wrath, but the others are quite a bit different from the G1. We likely won’t know for sure what the faces names are supposed to be until the Quintessons show up on the cartoon next season.

Overall: I find this set overprices at $30. With their armor/vehicle, Prowl and Shockwave retail for $15. Even if they were worth $10 without it, which I think is too much, the Quintesson Judge is not worth $10. It’s nothing new for the prices on exclusives to be jacked up. It’s not a bad set, but I wish the Quintesson looked more G1. It would have been nice to have his faces identified on the box too.

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1 Response to Blog #1817: Toy Review: Transformers: Cyberverse Target Exclusive Quintesson Invasion Box Set

  1. DarklordAlabama says:

    It’s kind of an irony from Hasbro, that they included Prowl and Shockwave- characters that died at the moment of Quintesson occupation. Maybe this was made to don’t spoil the 3rd season.

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