Blog #1819: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Siege Battle Masters Wave 4 (Rung, Singe)

Transformers: Generations: Siege Battle Masters Wave 4 (Rung, Singe)


Who the hell is Rung? I’m going to assume this is some stupid IDW creation. Generally when something makes no sense it is from IDW. His robot mode is pretty cool. Too bad they couldn’t put this much effort into every toy. His weapon mode is basically a bar with a peg underneath. Would have looked better if he folded in half like most of the Battle Masters so he would look more like a gun.


Previous Mold Use: Siege Battle Master Firedrive, Siege Battle Master Fracas

Singe is repainted from Firedrive and Fracas. He’s mostly silver with some black on his chest. He’s fine, but clearly less effort was put in on him than his wave-mate.

Overall: So, after doing Targetmasters as Headmasters, which was idiotic and made no sense, now we’re going to get Targetmasters? Seriously, I don’t think Hasbro knows what they’re doing half the time. These are great toys, but there are too many Targetmasters we haven’t gotten to get something as random as Rung, and too few modes to give a lot of these toys the individual molds they deserve. Rung should have been included in one of the multipacks instead of one that someone might have wanted to pair with the correct toy.

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