Blog #1781: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations Selects: Siege Refraktor (Spectro, Spyglass, Viewfinder)

Transformers: Generations Selects: Siege Refraktor (Spectro, Spyglass, Viewfinder)

Refraktor was intended to be a Hascon exclusive, which is why he is in the Selects line, but doesn’t come in a brown box. The box is actually dated 2018, which is weird since the single boxed Refraktor didn’t come out until 2019, and Hascon was supposed to be in 2019. The back of the box says that there are four figures. It wasn’t until I opened the box that I remembered the set came with Kremzeek. I would hardly call him a figure, I think I’d count him as an accessory, but Hasbro can’t even count those correctly. The box says eleven accessories, and the set comes with thirteen.


Kremzeek is pretty cool, though I kind of wish he was a little larger.


Previous Mold Use: Siege Deluxe Refraktor

Refraktor looks pretty great in camera mode, far better than the retail version. I do not have comparison pictures because I refused to buy three of the exact same toy. The extra parts really make him look like a camera.

Spectro, Spyglass, and Viewfinder

I’m not crazy about Viewfinder’s shoulder attachments sticking out so far hat you can’t put his piece of the lens on vertically like you can with Spectro and Spyglass. Other than that, they look great. I like the colors and paint apps. Now, you’ll notice I’ve included a picture of the retail version of Refraktor in vehicle mode. I couldn’t bring myself to transform Spectro, Spyglass, and Viewfinder into that complete piece of garbage. As far as I’m concerned the camera is their alternate mode as it should be.

Overall: This set is overpriced at $70. Three deluxes that were small for deluxe figures to begin with and a few new accessories is not would that much. It should have been no more than $50, but if you can swallow the price, it’s a great homage to a G1 toy who hasn’t really had an homage, at least not a good one.

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