Blog #1751: Toy Review: Transformers: Studio Series Leader Optimus Prime

Transformers: Studio Series Leader Optimus Prime

I had extremely high hopes for this toy, but in the words of the Dark Lord, I confess myself…disappointed. This is not a bad toy, don’t get me wrong, I was just hoping for more. Hasbro really phoned this one in, and that’s the most disappointing part. On the other hand, Hasbro and Takara has long since created the ultimate movie version of Optimus Prime (Movies 1-3) that had everything but the trailer, and it was probably unrealistic to think that they would ever improve on that. Though that does beg the question, if they weren’t going to do it right, what do it at all? Also, while a Leader Class toy in package, this is the Studio Series Voyager Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime. Only the parts make it a Leader Class.

Previous Mold Use: Studio Series (ROTF) Optimus Prime, Studio Series (2007 Movie) Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime

Accessories: This is the first time we’ve gotten Optimus Prime’s weapon platform as seen in Dark of the Moon. It’s got his weapons in it, but a few things are notable for their absence. First off, I couldn’t find any way to attach his flight pack to it. The whole point of this in the movie was that it included the flight tech, and yet there is no lace to put it. Additionally, he only has one sword instead of two, he has no battle hooks, no shotgun, and no knuckle blade. Hasbro fails again. I will say, the mold is well designed, as the circular top, which is made of flat panels, does hold it’s shape with the internal curved pieces.

Vehicle (Cab) Mode: In vehicle mode he is not much different that the 2007 movie Optimus Prime. He now has the orange paint at the front of his hood, which looks really cool. Instead of clear windows his windows are now opaque gray. They left the paint off the barrel of his gun.

Vehicle (W/Trailer) Mode: Hasbro totally shit the bed on the trailer paintjob. The only paint app is the blue at the front. There is no striping or Autobot logo on the side, though both are molded in, which almost makes it worse. I will give them this though. When I first saw that the trailer turned into the ring with all those joints, I figured it would not hold together well. It’s actually very sold once you get all the tabs into the ports. Though the deco is nonexistent, at least the mold was well designed.

Robot Mode: The only mold change in robot mode from the 2007 movie version is the new abdomen to make him look more like he did in Dark of the Moon. The deco is pretty much identical. That abdomen piece is removable and can be replaced with the accessory that came with Leader Class Jetfire. I had hoped this toy would be a new mold, slightly larger than Voyager Class, and that it might have ratcheted joints that could hold up Jetfire’s gun portion, but no such luck. I didn’t bother take a picture with Jetfire, since it really isn’t any different than 2007 movie version toy. I’m not eve sure why they bothered to make him compatible with Jetfire. He has the axe that he used in his final battle with Megatron, but unfortunately, it isn’t painted. I can’t recall if he had the shield in the movie, but it’s designed so he can’t hold it properly, so it doesn’t much matter.

Flight Mode: The flight pack is fine, but it’s not great. But the guns at the very least needed to be painted silver and black, and frankly, he needed more of them. When you compare this toy to the Dark of the Moon Jetwing Optimus Prime, it’s just sad looking. Optimus Prime would be embarrassed to be seen with this pathetic jet pack.

Overall: This is not a bad toy, it’s just inferior in every way to ones that have come before. Hasbro has put a lot into some of the Studio Series toys, but this just feels like an afterthought. It’s lazy, and that’s too bad. The trailer is cool, and this toy is probably worth buying just for that. Having said that, I really wish one of the third party companies would make a trailer for the Asia Premiums Series Ultimate Optimus Prime that could incorporate all the accessories and jetpack in both modes (I know that huge jetpack wouldn’t fit inside the trailer, but at least mount on top of it). That would be a third party toy I’d buy in a heartbeat.

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2 Responses to Blog #1751: Toy Review: Transformers: Studio Series Leader Optimus Prime

  1. Ratönhnhakët:on says:

    Try looking the Annular UFO Trailer up.I believe that’s what you’re looking for.It’s a trailer meant for the DOTM Leader Class Striker Optimus Prime.You won’t be disappointed!!

  2. Ratönhnhakët:on says:

    Try looking the Annular UFO Trailer up.I believe that’s what you’re looking for.It’s a trailer meant for the DOTM Leader Class Striker Optimus Prime.You won’t be disappointed!

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