Blog #1752: Toy Review: Transformers: Cyberverse Spark Armor Battle Class Wave 2 (Ratchet & Blizzard Breaker, Shockwave & Solar Shot)

Transformers: Cyberverse Spark Armor Battle Class Wave 2 (Ratchet & Blizzard Breaker, Shockwave & Solar Shot)

Ratchet & Blizzard Breaker

Blizzard Breaker is pretty simple and has no weapons, but he looks fine. I love Ratchet’s vehicle mode. I wish they would upsize this toy to Warrior Class, because it is perfect. It could have used some red striping and crosses (with Autobot logos to avoid trademark problems) but the design is great. He’s fine in robot mode, but nothing special. Combined mode is okay. I forgot to attach the front skis of Blizzard Breaker to his forearms. Frankly, it wasn’t worth getting the camera out again to take a new pic.

Shockwave & Solar Shot

I’m just going to say it. Solar Shot looks kind of like a penis. Other than that, it actually looks pretty good as a satellite, though it’s design means you can’t lie it on the table without pointing it’s tip into the ground, so I had to put in on a box for the picture. Shockwave’s “vehicle” mode is as usual a complete dumpster fire. Why Hasbro can’t come up for something for Shockwave to transform into that doesn’t look stupid is beyond me. They made Megatron a tank instead of a gun. Okay, I think that works as well as anything. Why not just make Shockwave a tank and be done with it? In robot mode Shockwave looks awesome. I love the hose. It’s molded perfectly to connect in both modes without having to bend it much. This is one of the few times Hasbro has used soft plastic in recent years where it’s shaped perfectly and not a nightmare. He also looks pretty cool when combined.

Overall: Shockwave is well worth getting, just leave him in robot mode. Ratchet’s vehicle mode is great, though maybe no enough to warrant being a must bye.

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