Blog #1682: Toy Review: Transformers Legends Big Powered (Dai Atlas, Roadfire, Sonic Bomber

Transformers Legends Big Powered (Dai Atlas, Roadfire, Sonic Bomber

Dai Atlas

Previous Mold Use: Titans Return Sky Shadow, Titans Return Overlord, Legends Overlord

Dai Atlas is awesome! They did an amazing job remolding him from the Sky Shadow/Overlord mold. He looks amazing in tank and plane modes. The drill on the front is spring loaded, so you can push it up against something and make it look like it’s actually drilling into it. Cool play feature. In robot mode he looks great, but suffers from using a Titan Master. His head doesn’t look quote right. The helmet is fine, but his face is too small. That’s a small thing though, no pun intended. A lot of people have complained that his legs are hollow and he can no longer be split into two pieces like Shy Shadow and Overlord. The hollow legs don’t bother me at all. They look perfectly fine from the front, and who cares if they are hollow? As to splitting in two parts, Takara could have left the ability to split and be a separate tank and jet, but that is not a feature of Dai Atlas, so I understand why they made it one piece. The way they did it is weird, and I had a lot of trouble getting his upper and lower half locked together in robot mode, but once it did click into place, it seems fine to me.


Previous Mold Use: Titans Return Topspin, Legends Topspin, Titans Return Twin Twist, Legends Twin Twist

Roadfire is remolded from Twin Twist, but uses the face from Topspin’s Titan Master. His weapon is an intricate part of his vehicle mode. Without it he looks like there is a big void behind his cockpit. You can flip his cockpit back up, which is how he is transformed for Big Powered. He looks amazing in robot mode.

Sonic Bomber

Previous Mold Use: Titans Return Triggerhappy, Legends Triggerhappy, Titans Return Metalhawk, Titans Return Misfire, Legends Misfire, Titans Return Slugslinger, Legends Slugslinger

Sonic Bomber is heavily remolded (almost unrecognizably so) from the Titans Return Decepticon Targetmaster mold, though TFWiki says that it is specifically based on the Misfire mold. His jet mold is okay, but he doesn’t really have any wings. In robot mode he looks great. I love his paint apps.

Big Powered

Big Powered looks great. I hear a lot of people complaining that Roadfire is just sitting on top, and that is pretty much what the original did too.

Overall: Fans of the original toy will no doubt love this one, but it’s probably not going to appeal to those who aren’t familiar with the original.

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