Blog #1511: Toy Review: Transformers: Beast Wars Metals Deluxe Transmetal Waspinator

Transformers: Beast Wars Metals Deluxe Transmetal Waspinator

Transmetal Waspinator

Beast Mode: Waspinator looks awesome in wasp mode. I love the colors on this toy. The color scheme reminds me a little of Generation 2 color scheme. This is almost identical to the USA version. The only difference being that his tampoed name has been replaced with “Destron”.

Vehicle Mode: The “Vehicle” modes of the Transmetal toys never really did anything to for me, and Waspinator’s is particularly bad. Other than the jet nose, he looks like a bug with a jet nose. His insect legs don’t really go anywhere, just folded to his sides as much as they can be. It’s just an odd mode that does nothing for the toy.

Robot Mode: I love Waspinator’s head sculpt, and it’s not a terrible robot mode, but those damn insect legs are just everywhere. If they could peg in somewhere it would be a huge help, but they are just sort of there.

Overall: This is a pretty cool toy. Not the best, but certainly not the worst.

“Ant-bot could not find own thorax with two hands and a road map!” – Waspinator, Transformers: Beast Wars, “Nemesis, Part I”

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1 Response to Blog #1511: Toy Review: Transformers: Beast Wars Metals Deluxe Transmetal Waspinator

  1. DarkAlex1978 says:

    Uhm.. I have a different opinion about his “vehicle mode”. To me is one of the best because at least it achieves a vague shape of a jet…. A very insectoid jet but still I’m able to recognize a jet in it…. XD
    I agree about the insect legs: my god they are a pain in the tailpipe.

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