Blog #1510: Toy Review: Transformers: Beast Wars Metals Deluxe Transmetal Rattrap

Transformers: Beast Wars Metals Deluxe Transmetal Rattrap

Transmetal Rattrap

Beast Mode: Transmetal Rattrap is one of my favorite Beast Wars toys. I love his rat mode. The sneer on his face looks great. This is the Japanese version, so his colors differ from the USA version. His chrome is lighter and more pinkish. He has gray plastic where the USA version has tan. There are some other paint differences. The only small problem I have with this mold is that his tail actually stays pegged into his hand, and it doesn’t really lock in place very well, so it tends to slip out of place if you try to move his tail without holding the base of it. Not a huge issue.

Vehicle Mode: The “Vehicle” modes of the Transmetal toys never really did anything to for me. Rattrap is one of the better ones. While I love his rat mode, I think if he didn’t need to have the wheels on his hind quarters, his rat mode could have had a lot more detail and better designed rear legs.

Robot Mode: In robot mode Rattrap looks great. He’d kind of a pain to stand up as he is very top heavy and has small feet. I love his head sculpt.

Overall: Overall, I think I prefer the USA version, but whichever one you get, you this is a great toy. Unfortunately, the USA version’s chrome tends to flake off.

“Hey, ours is not to reason why, but to blow this joint before we die!” – Rattrap, Transformers: Beast Wars, “Other Voices, Part I”

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