Blog #1464: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Power of the Primes Combiner Volcanicus

Transformers: Generations: Power of the Primes Combiner Volcanicus

Click here to read about how Hasbro ruined the Power of the Primes line before it even started.


I am not a fan of making combiners our of characters who are not combiners. However, the Dinobots were already their own team, they just couldn’t combine. So I wasn’t against a Dinobot combiner, but the pics I saw online did not fill me with a lot of hope. However, now that I have him in hand, I think Volcanicus is pretty awesome. He’s pretty much perfect. I wish he were a little thicker around the middle. He seems really thin, but that’s a minor thing. What is less of a minor thing is that he has no weapon at all. Grimlock should have come with a weapon for Volcanicus. Yet again, Hasbro makes a bonehead decision that takes away from an otherwise great toy. I am seriously wondering if they are trying to see just how terrible they can make the toys before people stop buying them.

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  1. Volcanicus needs an flaming-mold sword – either red or orange like the original swords, or maybe gold overlaid with clear plastic like they’ve done on most of the Dinobots – and almost as tall as he is. That would be awesome.

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