Blog #1426: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Power of the Primes Voyager Terrorcon Hun-Gurrr

Transformers: Generations: Power of the Primes Voyager Terrorcon Hun-Gurrr

Click here to read about how Hasbro ruined the Power of the Primes line before it even started.


Enigma of Combination: Hasbro started with Titan Masters. Then they decided to do Titan Masters without faces and call them Prime Masters. Now they are including non transforming plastic cubes shaped like Titan Masters without faces. Hasbro has achieved the ultimate in stupid. Bravo Hasbro.

Monster Mode: Hun-Gurrr is kind of a mixed bag. His necks are way too thick and too long for the size of his body. There is also no way to hide Abominus’s chest hanging from his body. Not terrible, but not great either.

Robot Mode: In robot mode Hun-Gurrr looks pretty good. The only problem is that some idiot decided that a sticker of a rub sign (that is not an actual rub sign) on his shoulder where a real rub sign should have been was a good idea. I seriously don’t know what they were thinking. It looks stupid. I am seriously beginning to think no one over their knows anything about Transformers.

Overall: He’s far from perfect, but you need him to form Abominus, so Hun-Gurrr is a must.

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2 Responses to Blog #1426: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Power of the Primes Voyager Terrorcon Hun-Gurrr

  1. lmb3 says:

    My guess is that is a design compromise for remolding him into Snaptrap. Snaptrap’s turtle head folds down onto his chest. They will likely replace Hun-Gurrr’s tail with Snaptrap’s neck/head, and if his turtle head can rotate 180 degrees, then it can flip down to form Snaptrap’s chest. They would essentially flip him around backward like they did when they remolded Combiner Wars Hot Spot into Onslaught.

  2. His chest looks like a jet nose. Any way to triple-change him into a jet? Or partially-so, like an aborted third mode, a half-way job, like we have seen too often from modern Hasbro? Or does it just look that way?

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