Blog #1466: Toy Review: Transformers: Studio Series Toys R Us Exclusive Voyager Thundercracker

Transformers: Studio Series Toys R Us Exclusive Voyager Thundercracker

Transformers: Studio Series Thundercracker is the final Toys R Us Transformers exclusive toy we will ever get. (I seem to have something in my eye.) It is crazy hard to find in store. As it was explained to me by a TRU employee the week the liquidation began, they were expecting in a few more trucks, but the regional warehouses were not getting any new shipments. So, if Thundercracker made it a to a regional warehouse, the stores in that region should have received it. I understand Hasbro’s decision to continue to ship product to Toys R Us during their bankruptcy proceedings. The death of Toys R Us is a major blow to the toy industry, I get that, but what moron thought it was a good idea to continue to continue to give them exclusives? I had to get mine on eBay. This should not have happened.


Thundercracker is a repaint of The Last Knight Voyager Nitro with a new head. As with Nitro, Thundercracker’s head does not transformer. They could have saved themselves a remold by using the Starscream head from Takara. This is an amazing mold, and I’m happy to have more copies of it. In jet mode it certainly looks the part of Thundercracker. In robot mode…well, he looks like Thundercracker in jet mode at least. He does look pretty cool, but an actual Thundercracker head would have been a huge improvement. It would have also been nice if they had painted his chest silver and blue to more look like Thundercracker’s chest. They did add some yellow to his torso to look like his G1 canopy, but they really needed to paint the rest of his chest blue and silver. If they did it right it he would have looked much better in robot mode. Prior to having him in hand, I was hoping we would get Skywarp and Starscream from this mold, but if they aren’t going to paint the chest properly, it really wouldn’t be worth it.

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