Blog #1451: Artifact of the Week: Transformers: Generation One Chicle Gum

Transformers: Generation One Chicle Gum

So, a few years ago I picked this up on eBay.

This is a wrapper for a piece of Transformers Chicle Bubble Gum. I had never heard of this gum before finding the wrapper on eBay. I was familiar with Transformers Kent Gum (wrappers for which can be seen here and here), but I have never seen Transformers Chicle Gum before.

Recently, I found this on eBay.

Yes, that is a piece of 27 year old bubble gum, a bargain at just $28. There was something I wasn’t expecting to see when I examined it.

As you can see, a sticker with the name “Tracks” on it is sticking out from under the wrapper. I had no idea that this gum came with stickers. (Ken Gumt came with stickers also. See my Kent Gum Sticker Set here.) I’m going to have to do some research on these, but if you know anything about Chicle Gum stickers (number of them, checklist, where I can get a set, etc) please let me know.

As always, you can find over 15,000 Transformers artifacts from every Transformers series and generation at

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1 Response to Blog #1451: Artifact of the Week: Transformers: Generation One Chicle Gum

  1. Milan says:

    Hi, Lewis.

    I collected these stickers as a kid, so I can give you some informations.

    I’m from Belgrade, Serbia (then Yugoslavia) and they were available there in the early 90s. I think they came before Turkish ones (Kent).
    I’m almost certain that they were produced in Spain.
    There are a total of 46 stickers (0-45). In one bubble gum you have two stickers (one pair) and they always go in the same combination.
    Album was also available, it was just a small two-sided bluish paper.
    If you collect all stickers and send it to specified address you would get a Transformer toy and / or something like a walkie-talkie with small color screen on it. Sounds easy, but it wasn’t, because they always made one or two pair of stickers impossible to get (it was the case with other sticker collections too). So, I guess finding that toys nowadays would be like finding a unicorn.

    I have some pictures of the album to send you if you want.



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