Blog #1200: Toy Review: Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) Mini-Cons Wave 5 (Bashbreaker, Lord Doomitron, Slipstream, Tricerashot)

Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) Mini-Cons Wave 5 (Bashbreaker, Lord Doomitron, Slipstream, Tricerashot)

In my recent review of the wave 4 Mini-Cons, I theorized that wave 6 was never released.  I was wrong.  They were released, at least in some places outside the USA.  At the moment I only know they were released in Australia.  One more thing to track down.  I hate Hasbro.

Wave 5 includes three repaints and one new mold, though Bashbreaker did not come with armor in the four pack, so that is new.  Read my original reviews of Bashbreaker, Lord Doomitron, and Slipstream (Gun).



tfridmcw4-02 tfridmcw4-03 tfridmcw4-04 tfridmcw4-05 tfridmcw4-06 tfridmcw4-07

I kind of like this version of Bashbreaker.  I think the mold looks better in blue.  I love the orange armor that covers both sides of the hammer’s head.  Very cool.


Lord Doomitron

tfridmcw4-09 tfridmcw4-10 tfridmcw4-11 tfridmcw4-12 tfridmcw4-13 tfridmcw4-14 tfridmcw4-15 tfridmcw4-16

I’ve said it before, but it needs to be said again.  The best name they could come up with is Lord Doomitron?  Really?  Hasbro needs to stop letting five year olds make up names for their toys.  Someone should be fired for that.  I kind of prefer the original color scheme, but the green armor on black looks okay.


Slipstream (Gun)

tfridmcw4-18 tfridmcw4-19 tfridmcw4-20 tfridmcw4-21 tfridmcw4-22 tfridmcw4-23 tfridmcw4-24 tfridmcw4-25

I’m a little disappointed.  We’ve got two versions of Slipstream from the gun mold and no Weaponizer Jetstorm.  I don’t know why they just didn’t call this one Jetstorm.  The colors are okay, but I prefer the version from the 4-Pack.



tfridmcw4-27 tfridmcw4-28 tfridmcw4-29 tfridmcw4-30

The lone new mold in this wave is Tricerashot.  He’s pretty awesome.  His gun mode is pretty cool, but his triceratops mode is really nice.  I love the orange with blue armor.

Overall: Tricerashot is a must, but as the others are all repaints, they probably can be skipped.  There are very few of these on eBay.  I had to get my set from Romania.

Thanks for reading!

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