Blog #1198: Toy Review: Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) Mini-Cons Wave 4 (Glacius, Scorch Strike Jetstorm, Ransack)

Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) Mini-Cons Wave 4 (Glacius, Scorch Strike Jetstorm, Ransack)


The last wave of single packed Mini-Cons I reviewed was way back in April of last year.  I’ve been waiting all that time for Wave 4 to show up, only to realize that they were never going to.  I finally managed to find a set on eBay.  I also located Deployer Crazybolt and the Wave 5 Mini-Con set (1st wave of Weaponizers Mini-Cons), which are on their way to me.  At this time, I can’t find any of the 6th wave (2nd wave of Weaponizers Mini-Cons).   My guess is that they were cancelled, but time will tell if they ever show up.

These are all repaints.  Pics are below.  You can read my reviews of Backtrack and Blizzard Strike Swelter (Ransack & Glacius) and Jetstorm)



tfridmcw3-02 tfridmcw3-03 tfridmcw3-04 tfridmcw3-05 tfridmcw3-06 tfridmcw3-07

This mold must be breaking down as one of his hand guns won’t stay in place.


Scorch Strike Jetstorm

tfridmcw3-09 tfridmcw3-10 tfridmcw3-11 tfridmcw3-12 tfridmcw3-13 tfridmcw3-14 tfridmcw3-15 tfridmcw3-16

So, let’s see.  We have Jetstorm, Blizzard Strike Jetstorm, and Scorch Strike Jetstorm.  It sort of feels like Goldilocks and the Three Bears thing going on.  “Blizzard Strike Jetstorm is too cold.  Scorch Strike Jetstorm is too hot.  But Jetstorm is just right.”  I’m starting to really hate repaints.



tfridmcw3-18 tfridmcw3-19 tfridmcw3-20 tfridmcw3-21 tfridmcw3-22 tfridmcw3-23 tfridmcw3-24 tfridmcw3-25

He’s a ball.

Overall: For completists only.

Thanks for reading!


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