Blog #1026: Toy Review: Transformers: Platinum Edition G1 Dinobots

Transformers: Platinum Edition G1 Dinobots


This set puts all new G1 heads on the AOE Dinobot molds.  I am getting kind of sick of Age of Extinction Dinobots.  Even Snarl, my favorite of them, I never want to see again, though the G1 versions (Both Platinum and SDCC/Amazon) are better overall than any of the others.


Links to all my previous AOE Dinobot reviews are below.  I should say this up front.  I have very little to say on the paint jobs.  They are extremely similar to the SDCC/Amazon G1 Dinobots, but the SDCC/Amazon ones are better.  It’s little things.  Brightness of the gold paint, a little more chrome, things like that in most cases, so I’m mostly going to focus on the new heads.


Reviews (AOE, AOE K-Mart, SDCC G1, Platinum AOE)

tfplatdb5pk2-03 tfplatdb5pk2-04 tfplatdb5pk2-05 tfplatdb5pk2-06

I like Grimlock’s new head sculpt, but it kind of looks like angry Grimlock.  It does resemble the G1, but I would have preferred less expression.


Reviews (AOE, Amazon G1, Platinum AOE)

tfplatdb5pk2-07 tfplatdb5pk2-08 tfplatdb5pk2-09 tfplatdb5pk2-10

They did a really nice job on Slog’s head sculpt.  It looks a  lot like the G1.  It’s a bit large, but I think that is because he has such a large bulky body that they didn’t want to give him a pinhead.


Reviews (AOE, SDCC G1, Platinum AOE)

tfplatdb5pk2-11 tfplatdb5pk2-12 tfplatdb5pk2-13 tfplatdb5pk2-14

Slug’s head sculpt I think suffers from the design of AOE Slug.  His original head is pretty small and round, so I am guessing they didn’t want to make the new head squarer, which it really should have been.  It’s not bad, but could be better.


Reviews (AOE, SDCC G1)

tfplatdb5pk2-15 tfplatdb5pk2-16 tfplatdb5pk2-17 tfplatdb5pk2-18

This is the on place, where I need to talk about color scheme.  The SDCC G1 Snarl is infinitely better than the new one.  I don’t really like the silver plates at all.  The SDCC one looked so good with all the gold chrome.  I wish I could have the SDCC Snarl with the new head on it.  Snarl’s new head is good, but it would be so much better if they painted his forehead and made the “ears” a little large and more properly shaped.


Reviews (AOE, SDCC G1, Platinum AOE)

tfplatdb5pk2-19 tfplatdb5pk2-20 tfplatdb5pk2-21 tfplatdb5pk2-22

Strafe’s head sculpt is excellent.  The problem is that without the red fin above it like the G1 has, it just doesn’t look right to me.

Overall: It’s new molding and overall the new heads make the molds better, as a lot of the original AOE Dinobot heads were not very good.  Frankly, I’m still disappointed that when the rumor came out about a Platinum Edition Dinobot set that they weren’t the G1 molds.  If you don’t have any AOE Dinobots, then this is the set to get, but otherwise, especially if you have the SDCC/Amazon Dinobots, you can probably skip them.

Thanks for reading!

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