Blog #615: Toy Review: Transformers: Age of Extinction Toys R Us Exclusive Evolution 2-Pack Strafe

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Transformers: Age of Extinction Toys R Us Exclusive Evolution 2-Pack Strafe


Well, they screwed this up right from the start.  Here is the art on the side of the package.


Yes, they used art from G1 Strafe instead of G1 Swoop.  This really makes me wonder.  Does anyone at Hasbro who works in the Transformers department have even the vaguest knowledge for Transformers prior to seven or eight years ago?  You would think they would have at least one person working there who knows the history so he can correct the really simple mistakes that should never happen.  This level of incompetence is mind boggling.  Anyway…

Mini-Con Strafe



I find two things that really suck about this.  If you want to do this as the evolution of a character, then at least have one of them be in G1 colors.  Would that really have been so hard to Paint the Min-Con is silver and red?  Instead they just use the exact same toy as they released on multiple occasions before.  I would find this set far more interesting if Mini-Con Strafe were in G1 colors.  On the other hand, why not make the set larger?  The Evolution Grimlock set is using the Energon Grimlock mold.  Why not use the Energon Swoop mold too?  Energon Grimlock and Swoop were by no means great toys, but to give us a proper evolution set, I would have been okay with it.  This is just pathetic.



Dinosaur Mode: Strafe looks just awesome, but I wish the blue was a few shades lighter.  With all the black on him, he just look very dull in color, but the mold is awesome.  I love his dinosaur mode.  Unfortunately, they have his tail bent to one side for packaging, and it doesn’t want to stay out straight.


Robot Mode: He looks awesome in robot mode, and there are more light colors on him.  His crossbow weapon looks very cool and I love his head sculpt.

Overall: This is one awesome toy, but if you wait for the regular Deluxe version you can save a few bucks and skip the Mini-Con.

tfaoeevo-strafe-07Strafe is #26 in the Thrilling Thirty line, something I didn’t notice until a friend pointed it out.  As a Thrilling Thirty, this fails miserably.  As I said above, they needed to paint the Mini-Con in G1 colors.  Not to do that makes this toy have nothing to do with Swoop, and all they’ve done is use the Thrilling Thirty line to help sell their movie toys, and that’s crap.  At least make an attempt to make an anniversary toy matter.

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  1. Sjeng says:

    You can bend soft plastic any way you want, and have it stay that way, if you boil some water, pour it in a bowl, hold his tails in there for a minute, and they will soften. Take them out of the water, bend them how you like, and hold them like that under cold tapwater, or in a bowl of cold water. The plastic will harden again, and stay in that position. Hope it helps!

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