Blog #1012: Toy Review: Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) Deployers (Blizzard Strike Drift with Blizzard Strike Jetstorm and Overload with Backtrack)


Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) Deployers (Blizzard Strike Drift with Blizzard Strike Jetstorm and Overload with Backtrack)

A few notes on these before I get to the reviews.  Deployers are about the same size as Warrior Class toys, perhaps slightly larger.  The first wave have a built in launcher that is attached to the right arm in robot mode to launch Mini-Cons.  The launcher swings down and launches the Mini-Cons along a flat surface.  Oddly the Mini-Cons don’t have wheels.  They are extremely well engineered so that the launchers also work in vehicle mode.  Overload cannot launch his Mini-Cons in robot mode.  They have a built in safety mechanism that makes it very hard to launch the Mini-Con if the robot is not standing or vehicle isn’t sitting on a flat surface.  Drift’s Mini-Cons are all disc shaped while Overload’s Mini-Cons are ball shaped.  The Mini-Cons all come with Autobot or Decepticon shaped trees with their accessories on them.  This is kind of pointless, as they are useless once you remove the parts.  I think the point of this was to make it look like more toy than you are actually getting.  One cool thing about the attachable parts is that you can leave them on while they are in the launchers, or at least your could for Drift and Fracture.  This will not work for Overload’s Mini-Con Backtrack.  You must remove his weapons to launch him.

Read my original review of Drift and Jetstorm.


Blizzard Strike Drift & Mini-Con Blizzard Strike Jetstorm

tfridmcd1-02 tfridmcd1-03 tfridmcd1-04 tfridmcd1-05 tfridmcd1-06 tfridmcd1-07 tfridmcd1-08 tfridmcd1-07

Blizzard Strike Jetstorm looks pretty cool.  I think I prefer the original color scheme, but it’s not bad looking.

tfridmcd1-10 tfridmcd1-11 tfridmcd1-12 tfridmcd1-13

Drift looks okay in these colors, but it’s still not a great mold.


Deployer Overload & Mini-Con Backtrack

tfridmcd1-15 tfridmcd1-16 tfridmcd1-17 tfridmcd1-18

Backtrack is not terribly well designed.  In ball mode he’s a ball.  So, yeah.  In robot mode, unlike the other robot Mini-Cons he doesn’t lock into robot mode.  If you leave his hands at his sides, he seems to stay in robot mode, but you can barely see his face.  It’s just not terribly well designed.  It feels like they did some great engineering on the first two and when they said they wanted more designs, no one knew how to repeat it with a different design.


Vehicle Mode: Overload’s vehicle mode looks vaguely (very vaguely, okay, almost not at all, but that was the first thing I thought of when I looked at it) like the tanks from Tron.  I would have liked him to have a real turret rather than the small one off center.  The ball does fire pretty well.

tfridmcd1-20 tfridmcd1-21

Robot Mode: While he could have used a few more paint apps, Overload looks pretty great in robot mode.  Unlike the previous Deployers, Backtrack’s two guns can snap onto Overload’s gun.  This was probably because he can’t fire the Mini-Cons in robot mode like the others.

Overall: Overload is not bad, but he doesn’t have the amazing engineering of the first two toys, but be is pretty cool.

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