Blog #976: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations GDO Cyber Series Cyber Battalion and Cyber Commander (Bumblebee, Grimlock, Megatron, Optimus Prime, Starscream)

Transformers: Generations GDO Cyber Series Cyber Battalion and Cyber Commander (Bumblebee, Grimlock, Megatron, Optimus Prime, Starscream)

0generations-logoHasbro GDO (Global Development Organization) has struck again with more toys that are not released in the USA.  They suck.  Hasbro GDO sucks to be clear, not the toys.  Intentionally making toys that we aren’t getting in the USA is worse than doing it through stupidity, which has happened more times than I can count.  The Cyber Series Cyber Battalion toys (7 Inch) seem to be based on Legends toys similar to the upsized Legends toys from the end of the Transformers Prime Beast Hunters line.  However, unlike those, these seem a lot more detailed, and I’m not sure they are all exact replicas of Legend in a larger size.  The Cyber Commanders (11 Inch) seem more original, especially the Optimus Prime.

Cyber Battalion Bumblebee

tfgengdocs-01 tfgengdocs-02 tfgengdocs-03

Bumblebee appears based mainly on a Prime or Movie Legends toy, but with a G1 head.  It’s not the best of them, but it’s not too bad.  I do very much like his head sculpt.  Unfortunately, he suffers from Hasbro’s tendency to paint only the front of vehicles while leaving the back unpainted.  This is unfortunate, as Hasbro has taken many great toys and turned them to crap by not painting them properly.

Cyber Battalion Grimlock

tfgengdocs-04 tfgengdocs-05 tfgengdocs-06

I kind of love Grimlock.  In color he’s based on Age of Extinction Grimlock, but in design he’s more like G1.  He looks pretty great in both modes, though oddly when standing in dinosaur mode, his tail doesn’t touch the ground.

Cyber Battalion Megatron

tfgengdocs-07 tfgengdocs-08 tfgengdocs-09

Megatron is one of the only toys to come with a weapon, which is sort of a must him being a tank.  I really like this toy.  It might be loosely based on the Generations Legends Megatron (the one that came with Chop Shop).  My only complaint about this toy is that all the gray plastic should have been painted silver.

Cyber Battalion Optimus Prime

tfgengdocs-10 tfgengdocs-11 tfgengdocs-12

Optimus Prime is the closest to being an exact upsized Legend, but he looks great.  They did a beautiful job of painting him.  The silver hubcaps look great.  I love his head sculpt.

Cyber Battalion Starscream

tfgengdocs-13 tfgengdocs-14 tfgengdocs-15

Starscream, like Megatron, seems to be based on his more recent Legends incarnation, and is the only toy besides Megatron to have weapons.  This toy has the perfect color scheme with great painted details.  He has a little bit of a flaw in the design of his feet.  They flip down when he transforms to robot, but they do not lock into place.  On a flat surface, he’s fine, but if he is tipped forward just a little bit, he will fall forward at his ankle joint.

Cyber Commander Bumblebee

tfgengdocs-16 tfgengdocs-17 tfgengdocs-18

The 11 Inch Bumblebee looks great.  I love the exhaust piping on his vehicle sides.  Unfortunately, as with the smaller toy, they didn’t paint the back of the vehicle at all.  In robot mode he doesn’t look bad, but the gray torso seems out of place.  It should have some yellow on it.

Cyber Commander Optimus Prime

tfgengdocs-19 tfgengdocs-20 tfgengdocs-21

Optimus Prime looks great.  I love the mold.  This is a really great and unique Optimus Prime toy (unless I’m not thinking of what it’s based on, which is certainly possible).  I think he just needed a few more paint details in vehicle mode.  They should have painted his headlights and hub caps as well as his taillights.

Overall: These toys, with the exception of the two Bumblebees, are really nice, and the Bumblebees aren’t terrible.  They are simple, 5 to 8 steps to transform, so some collectors will not be interested in them, but I really like them.  They are unfortunately not easy to get.  The big online stores got them in a while ago, but most sold out pretty quick, and there don’t seem to be any on ebay.  I found them from a smaller online store.  They cost me around $200 for the set of seven, which isn’t bad considering they are not available at retail in the USA.  The previous Generations GDO series that ended up as Toys R Us exclusives in the USA, but I don’t think there is enough interest in these for that to happen.  However, unlike the previous series, these are also apparently available in Latin American countries.  Not sure if that means there are more out there or not, but at least they are available in this hemisphere.

Thanks for reading!

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