Blog #777: Toy Reviews: Transformers: Age of Extinction: Walmart Exclusive Construct Bots Dinobot Strafe with Dinobot Riders Bumblebee and Stinger

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Transformers: Age of Extinction: Walmart Exclusive Construct Bots Dinobot Strafe with Dinobot Riders Bumblebee and Stinger


I have previously reviewed these molds.  Click here for Strafe, and here Bumblebee and Drift.


tfaoecbot-dinos-we-stbbsg-02 tfaoecbot-dinos-we-stbbsg-03 tfaoecbot-dinos-we-stbbsg-04 tfaoecbot-dinos-we-stbbsg-05

Bumblebee is repainted from the regular release version.  He’s lighter yellow and has a black chest, making him look a little bit like the High Octane Bumblebee in robot mode.  Not sure what the three red stripes on his hood are supposed to be.  Claw marks maybe?


tfaoecbot-dinos-we-stbbsg-06 tfaoecbot-dinos-we-stbbsg-07 tfaoecbot-dinos-we-stbbsg-08 tfaoecbot-dinos-we-stbbsg-09

Stinger is partially a repaint of Drift.  He uses the Drift car body, feet, and arms.  Legs might be from another, I don’t have mine available and the pics I’m looking at online aren’t great.  He does have a Bumblebee head.  Yet another, let’s repaint something (or in this case parts from a bunch of somethings) and call it Stinger.  Disappointing.


tfaoecbot-dinos-we-stbbsg-10 tfaoecbot-dinos-we-stbbsg-11 tfaoecbot-dinos-we-stbbsg-12 tfaoecbot-dinos-we-stbbsg-13 tfaoecbot-dinos-we-stbbsg-14 tfaoecbot-dinos-we-stbbsg-15

Strafe’s colors have been changed to blue and orange from blue and light blue.  The blue plastic seems to have some sparkles in it, but they are few and far between.  Really odd looking.  Nothing really special here.

Overall: It’s one of the few Stinger toys we’re going to get, so I guess I can’t completely not recommend it.  Unless you really need Stinger though, you can skip this one.

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