Blog #600: Toy Reviews: Transformers: Age of Extinction: Constructbots Dinobots Wave 1 (Strafe, Grimlock, Slug)

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Transformers: Age of Extinction: Constructbots Dinobots Wave 1 (Strafe, Grimlock, Slug)

These AOE Constructbots are a huge improvement over everything that has come before in the line. All the Dinobots have geared action features. Previous to the AOE Constructbots, the best in the line was the Target Exclusive Predaking, so not surprisingly, these Dinobots are awesome.





Dinosaur Mode: Very cool dinosaur mode. I love the flapping wings action. He could use a little more color, just a few paint apps would have been nice. Still, I really like it.


Robot Mode: I really like his robot mode, I just wish there was a way to fold his wings down a little more. I like his head sculpt a lot.





Dinosaur Mode: Grimlock looks awesome. I love his dinosaur head, and the geared opening and closing of his jaw. It’s very cool. He looks great with Optimus Prime riding him, but he has a tendency to pitch forward if you don’t get him balanced just right.


Robot Mode: He has a great head sculpt. It’s otherwise nothing special, but there is nothing negative to say about it either.





Dinosaur Mode: Slug looks pretty good, accept it seems like he is missing a piece of armor over his rear end. The purple just ends on his back and then picks up at his tail. His rear legs are a bit hard to get into a good position for him to stand, one of the ball and socket joints is obstructed from moving in certain directions due to the design of the socket. Drift seems to sit a bit far back on him, but he looks good.


Robot Mode: His robot mode is nice, but I wish his dinosaur head would slide a little further down his back. I think I like this head sculpt better than that of his Deluxe toy.

Overall: If you haven’t bothered picking up and Constructbots, or if you have and were disappointed, give the Dinobots a try. They won’t disappoint.

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