Blog #760: Toy Reviews: Transformers: Age of Extinction Power Attackers Wave 3 (Grimlock, Lockdown, Galvatron, Optimus Prime, Slug, Snarl)

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Transformers: Age of Extinction Power Battler Wave 3 (Grimlock, Lockdown, Galvatron, Optimus Prime, Slug, Snarl)

I’m still not sure if these are Power Battlers or Power Attackers.  I hate Hasbro.


Power Battler Grimlock

tfaoepbat-w3-02 tfaoepbat-w3-03

His tail ends in a fist holding a weapon.  Other than that glaringly stupid design element, he looks pretty good in dinosaur mode.  His robot mode is okay, but his right arm is terrible.  His action feature is his fist spinning with his weapon in it.  The weapon is badly designed.  Each end can slide out to make the shaft longer, if you’re spinning it, it’s fine.  But if you’re not spinning it, there is nothing to lock them in place.  So when it’s not spinning the end on top stays in the short shaft position and the one on the bottom in the long position.  They should have been able to look in either position.


Power Battler Lockdown

tfaoepbat-w3-05 tfaoepbat-w3-06

I don’t know what someone was on when they designed this piece of crap, but it had to be pretty good stuff.  His idiotically designed legs make it look like he’s trying to do the mambo or is too drunk to walk upright.  His arms are okay, and the missile racks on his back look cool.  You squeeze his legs together to make the missile tilt down and fire.  His car mode doesn’t fit together very well.


Power Battler Megatron

tfaoepbat-w3-08 tfaoepbat-w3-09

I really like Megatron in both modes.  He has a couple of little issues.  In truck mode the front panel doesn’t quite latch on properly.  Also, the gold disk in his chest sticks out the bottom of the vehicle.  It just barely touches the ground when he’s set on his wheels, but it should have had more clearance.  In robot mode, you push on his back and the disc spins and extends into a gun.


Power Battler Optimus Prime

tfaoepbat-w3-11 tfaoepbat-w3-12

Optimus Prime looks really great in both modes.  Unfortunately his action feature is awful.  If you squeeze his legs together, his shoulders pivot out 90 degrees.  His chest tips forward pulling another set of arms over his head holding a sword.  Not only is it stupid that he has a second set of arms, but it just doesn’t work very well.


Power Battler Slug

tfaoepbat-w3-14 tfaoepbat-w3-15

Slug is pretty cool.  He’s got nice paint apps and looks great in both modes.  This is one of few that I don’t have any problems with.


Power Battler Snarl

tfaoepbat-w3-17 tfaoepbat-w3-18

Snarl might be the best Power Battler yet.  He looks amazing in both modes.  His robot head sculpt is really cool. Action feature is a lever on his back that makes some of the spikes on his back flip out on arms sort of like a scorpion’s sting.  He’s absolutely the best of the wave.

Overall: Snarl is a must.  Galvatron and Slug are pretty good.  Optimus Prime is okay.  Grimlock and Lockdown are terrible.  I am so happy there is only one more wave of these things.

Thanks for reading!

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5 Responses to Blog #760: Toy Reviews: Transformers: Age of Extinction Power Attackers Wave 3 (Grimlock, Lockdown, Galvatron, Optimus Prime, Slug, Snarl)

  1. lmb3 says:

    So was whoever designed Lockdown, apparently. 🙂

  2. Orion Avenger says:

    Oh,and is Lockdown having an energon binge?

  3. Orion Avenger says:

    Personally,I also like the voyager galvatron.(I meant the leader optimus from the NYCC toy fair images (Look at the plates on his limbs)when I said backpack kibble.For a leader class, this is a step down from his DOTM/ROTF counterparts)But there is a catch,I prefer the Power Attackers (Maybe Battlers?? Can’t Hasbro call label something on these?) Galvatron.Oh,and thanks for replying!

  4. lmb3 says:

    Well, I think that’s pretty common. The larger toys have ore detail and look better in vehcile mode, but those aprts have to go somewhere. The smaller toys are far less detailed, so there is a lot less to hide. I think this has been true for a long time. Look at the prime and Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Commanders. Some of them have very little backpack kibble, but also far less detail. Personally, I don’t mind the kibble as a backpack. it bothers me more when there are big plates hanging off arms and hips and legs. I much prefer the backpack deisgn. I love AOE Voyager Galvatron.



  5. Orion Avenger says:

    I do not understand why do the Power Attackers (Maybe Battlers?? Which one?) versions of Optimus Prime and Galvatron have lesser if not none backpack kibble whereas their “Leader” and Voyager counterparts have an unforgivable amount of backpack kibble.What in the name of Primus happened here?

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