Blog #725: Toy Review: Transformers: Age of Extinction Walmart Exclusive 2-Pack Legend Stinger and Deluxe Slug

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Transformers: Age of Extinction Walmart Exclusive 2-Pack Legend Stinger and Deluxe Slug

It seems to have taken forever, but AOE Walmart exclusives have actually shown up in stores.  There are three different Bumblebee and Stinger Legends (1-Pack, 2-Pack, and 3-Pack) and two Optimus Primes (1-Pack and 2-Pack).  These are labeled in the toy comparison photos below.



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Stinger is a repainted RotF Sideways.  Kind of awful that we still don’t have a real Stinger toy.  I’m still confused about whether we are getting one at all.  A Walmart two pack with Bumblebee was announced, but I don’t know if that was Deluxes of One Step Changers.  This is okay, but it does not even vaguely resemble Stinger.


tfaoewm2pkstsl6 tfaoewm2pkstsl7

Beast Wars Neo Guiledart has been repainted several times over the years and makes yet another appearance as Slug.  I’ve always liked this mold and they did a wonderful job painting him.

Overall: Slug is worth the price of this set.  It’s a very strange thing for Hasbro to mix price points like this, having thee sets, two with a Legend and a Scout, and one with a Legend and a Deluxe.  If nothing else, that makes this one a really great value.

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