Blog #658: Toy Reviews: Dairycon 2014 Toy and Accessory Reviews

Dairycon 2014 Toy and Accessory Reviews

I was unable to go to Dairycon this year, but I was able to obtain the exclusive toys and accessories.  So much cool stuff this year.  I’ve done separate blogs linked below for each of the toys.  The accessories are further down this page.


Bunny Convoy

Crack Up

Overdrive Convoy

Sunbeam GTT

Solar Flare Sunbeam

Clutterbug, Danger Convoy, and Shining Spider

The Target Moo-sters



Brave Ball: Sunbeam’s ultimate weapon from another TF-themes universe! (See the original Brave Ball here.)  Brave Ball is a member of Dairycon’s Fabulous Fourteen.


Brick Cheese: Tasty goodness from Wisconsin! (For Cybertronian consumption only.)


Heffer’s Herd: I’ve got the prototype version (single packed) and a production version.  Now Heffer has his own herd of adoring fans.  Clearly he’s milking his fame for all it’s worth.



Optimus Fry: He’s more than meets the eye!  He’s a French Fry in disguise!  Optimus Fry is a member of Dairycon’s Fabulous Fourteen.


Optimus Wine: And what are French Fries without something to wash them down with?  From the famed Energon vineyard of the Primes, comes their final vintage, Optimus Wine. (For Cybertronian consumption only.)


Improvised Defense Weapon: AKA I.D.W. or Prime’s Pole, I have both a prototype and final version.  From the pages of “The Great Car Rally,” Optimus Prime’s Improvised Defense Weapon is available for the first time!  More on the I.D.W.



Quack Up: Crack Up’s online avatar.  You can read Quack Up’s bio here.


Vector Sigma Disco Ball: Even on Cybertron they knew how to get down and boogie…err…or something.  The Vector Sigma Disco Ball is a member of Dairycon’s Fabulous Fourteen.


Ultra Magnet: I have both a prototype (without sticker) and production version.  Such an…attractive item.  (I couldn’t resist.)



See for details on Dairycon 2015! (Coming Soon)

Thanks for reading!

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