Blog #653: Toy Review: Transformers: Age of Extinction Toys R Us Exclusive Kre-O Dinobot Ride

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Transformers: Age of Extinction Toys R Us Exclusive Kre-O Dinobot Ride

On Saturday, Toys R Us had a special event for kids where they could get this set free.  I was seeing the movie for the third time, and went after it was over, hoping that they would be available for sale.  They weren’t, but the toy manager knows me because I come in so often and saved me one.  Not sure if this is ever going to be released for sale or not, so it might be a tough set to find.  His instruction booklet is about four times as big as it needed to be with other TF products taking up the rest of the space.  It might very well be that this was only meant as a promotional item.

Optimus Prime


This one is growing on me.  In order to make Optimus Prime in scale with such a small Grimlock (which works remarkably well) they used the human Kreon design which debuted in the Cityville Kre-O series and a regular sized Optimus Prime head and helmet.  Obviously this makes his head a bit large, but it’s not too bad.


tfaoekre-o-dbr-03 tfaoekre-o-dbr-04

Grimlock is a very basic set, but looks pretty decent.  He stands up with Prime on his back which surprised me.  I was sure he wouldn’t.

Overall: Not a bad set for free.  I would imagine if they are sold at retail they would be $3.99-$5.99.  Worth it, but I don’t think it will be worth ebay prices if they never see wide release.

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