Blog #640: Toy Reviews: Transformers: Age of Extinction: Constructbots Dinobots Wave 2 (Scorn, Slash)

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Transformers: Age of Extinction: Constructbots Dinobots Wave 2 (Scorn, Slash)

These AOE Constructbots are a huge improvement over everything that has come before in the line.  All the Dinobots have geared action features.  Previous to the AOE Constructbots, the best in the line was the Target Exclusive Predaking, so not surprisingly, these Dinobots are awesome.





Dinosaur Mode: Scorn’s dinosaur mode looks great, but he needed some more color.  He’s just too red.  Kind of hurts my eyes to look at him.  The design is very cool though.   I wish they could have given him a single row of spines on his back rather than two of them, but that’s not a huge deal.


Robot Mode: He looks okay in robot mode, but it is as dinosaurs that these toys really look amazing.





Dinosaur Mode: Slash looks awesome.  I love the color scheme.  His action feature is his arms going up and down as the wheel is turned, and it looks great.  The movable claws on the top of his feet made famous by Jurassic Park are a nice touch.


Robot Mode: I love the head sculpt.  His facial expression says, “I am going to cut you up and eat you.”  Very nice.

Overall: If you haven’t bothered picking up and Constructbots, or if you have and were disappointed, give the Dinobots a try, especially Slash.  They won’t disappoint.  I’ve only seen these guys online, but they should hit stores soon.

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