Blog #620: Toy Reviews: Transformers: Prime Titan Heroes Bumblebee, Sharkticon Megatron, Optimus Prime, and Shockwave

Toy Reviews: Transformers: Prime Titan Heroes Bumblebee, Sharkticon Megatron, Optimus Prime, and Shockwave

Finally found these at Walmart.  They have four points of articulation, which is probably two more than they really need.  Finding them gives me some hope that maybe the last few Prime toys might still show up somewhere.  I know they won’t, but I can dream, right?



It’s not a terrible mold, but not great either.  Could have used a few more paint apps.

Sharkticon Megatron


This one is cool.  It really looks nice, but again needed more paint apps.  Still, as we only got a single Sharkticon Megatron toy and he never appeared in the cartoon, it’s nice enough to have something more of that design.

Optimus Prime


Optimus Prime looks really cool.  In some ways he looks better than the actual transforming toys.  He just needed some paint apps.  I know, I keep saying that, but it’s true.



Okay, this one is awful.  His left arm looks ridiculous.

Overall: It’s not like you’ll miss them if you don’t get these, but the Prime and Megatron are pretty cool.

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