Blog #610: Toy Review: Transformers: Age of Extinction Toys R Us Exclusive Kre-O Lockdown Air Raid

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Transformers: Age of Extinction Toys R Us Exclusive Kre-O Lockdown Air Raid

Lockdown’s Ship


Well, this kind of sucks.  Not only does it look nothing like the ship we’ve seen Lockdown using in the trailer, it’s horribly designed.  It has a capture claw, but no landing gear, so you really have no way to place it on a surface without the claw underneath it.  Aside from that it looks pretty cool, but I’d have much prefer the scorpion-looking ship from the trailer.

Dinobot (Unnamed)


You may remember that for the Beast Hunters Kre-O sets, only the Ripclaw Strike set actually had the name of the beast on or in the box.  The names only appeared in Hasbro’s press release.  This time they couldn’t even manage that.  The Dinobot in this set has no name.  He is very cool though.  Hasbro has done a great job engineering these. I especially like the heads which are not built, but come painted and with movable jaws.  All the Dinobots also include “Dino Force Technology”.  This is a fancy was of saying that Dinobot mouths and some feet and claws include a magnet and some Kreons have a piece of metal on their back.



Here we have Hound, Sideswipe, and Lockdown.  I love Hound and Lockdown.  However, that’s not Sideswipe.  Movie Sideswipe was gray, not red, and he’s not supposed to be in the movie anyway.  We haven’t seen any Stinger toy other than repainted Legends.  I think they are trying to keep him under raps so much that they are willing to misname this toy, and I think I know why.  Look at this:


This is a pajama set available from  I bought it but didn’t look at it very closely at first.  Stinger is clearly a red clone of Bumblebee!  Think about the name, Stinger.  I mean, he’s got to be a Bumblebee clone.  This is probably why they have kept him so mysterious so as not to reveal this.  At least that’s my theory, but who knows?  On the other hand, maybe this info has been out there and I just missed the news.

Overall: The ship isn’t great.  I like the Dinobot, and the Hound and Lockdown, but I’m not sure they are worth it for the price.

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6 Responses to Blog #610: Toy Review: Transformers: Age of Extinction Toys R Us Exclusive Kre-O Lockdown Air Raid

  1. Keith_33 says:

    That Kreon actually looks like Leadfoot from Dotm

  2. anonymous says:

    Bumblebee is the old camaro and stinger was on display. But I think that bee just took a glance of stinger I doubt bee scanned stinger. I think that bee saw the new camaro at the Chevrolet dealer and that’s where he got the new mode. Again only time will tell you how it will take place.

  3. lmb3 says:

    I went back and wathced the trailers. There is a scene of Bumlbebee transforming and Stinger is standing there. It’s a quick scene and I think I thought it was Dino. But Bumblebee is not scanning him. He is clearly not the same vehicle as Stinger, assuming the vehicle sitting there is another Stinger, or the car he is based on.

  4. lmb3 says:

    Which trailer was that in? I must have missed it. The only time I remember seeing Stinger was in one of the most recent tv spots. I’ll have to go back and watch all the trailers. Thanks.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hmm….In the trailer, we saw the 1970s Camaro Bumblebee with Stinger. I think Bumblebee actually scans Stinger and gets his new body. Only time will tell.

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