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Transformers: Age of Extinction Toys R Us Exclusive Kre-O Galvatron Factory Battle



Galvatron is something we haven’t seen before.  He has a torso, head, and waist of a regular Kreon, but his arms and legs are built making him a little more like a Micro-Changer Combiner, but without the torsos and legs from other Kreons.  I really like the look of him, he’s very cool.  This does bring up an interesting question.  Will Galvatron be somehow upsized in the movie like this, or was this just done to make this set more interesting.  I have no idea, but it was revealed recently that there would be an Elite Optimus Prime Kre-O set which would be an Optimus Prime built this same way.  It could be really cool if this is the start of a series done in this style.

Dinobot (Unnamed)


You may remember that for the Beast Hunters Kre-O sets, only the Ripclaw Strike set actually had the name of the beasts on or in the box.  The names only appeared in Hasbro’s press release.  This time they couldn’t even manage that.  The Dinobot in this set has no name.  He is very cool though.  Hasbro has done a great job engineering these. I especially like the heads which are not built, but come painted and with movable jaws.  All the Dinobots also include “Dino Force Technology”.  This is a fancy was of saying that Dinobot mouths and some feet and claws include a magnet and some Kreons have a piece of metal on their back.




This is a pretty cool set.  The lifting claw includes a magnet to pick up Kreons and we have Galvatron in a lab.  What’s most interesting about this set is the top section above Galvatron.  It has Megatron and Sentinel Prime’s heads in jars!  Now, given what we know about the movie, this could be picturing something actually in the movie (more or less).  The readouts on the screen appear to show Bumblebee, Megatron, and I think, Stinger.



Here we have a Vehicon, Bumblebee, and Optimus Prime.  Cool, but I would be happier if they were Micro-Changers.

I didn’t get a picture of the three human Kreons, but they are crap.  They use the short, single peg base that the Cityville Kreons do.

Overall: I really like this set.  Lots of cool features.  I am really curious to see if any of this is in the movie in some way.

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