Blog #1272: Toy Review: Transformers: Kre-O Elite Optimus Prime

Transformers: Kre-O Elite Optimus Prime

After years of searching, I’ve finally acquired the last Kre-O toy I didn’t have.  The elusive Elite Optimus Prime was released is 2015 with the Age of Extinction sets, but like the Grimlock Unleashed set does not carry the Age of Extinction logo and is G1 based.

I can safely say that Elite Optimus Prime is one of the rarest Transformers from the last ten or fifteen years.  Until not long ago, I had never seen one on eBay.  I couldn’t bring myself to spend $225 on the first one that came up, and I missed out on the second, but another one came up at $75.  I couldn’t hold out for a better deal.  As to why it’s so rare, I have heard different things about when/where it was released.  I know that for one day it was given out to kids at Canadian Toys R Us stores.  Prior to that it was either released in small quantities in some Asian countries, or was given out at a toy show somewhere in Asia.  I’ve seen different info in different places.  In any case, it was crazy rare.

Yeah, I know.  Kind of underwhelming.  It’s basically a Prime body with fancier arms and legs.  This is by no means a great toy, but I’m a completist so I had to have it.  This is only the second figure like this from the Kre-O line.

Here Optimus Prime is next to the Galvatron from the Age of Extinction Galvatron Factory Battle set.  Galvatron has a little more to him, especially in his legs, which makes him look less spindly than Optimus Prime.  If the line had been better received and continued, I wonder if we would have gotten more like this.

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