Blog #625: Toy Review: Transformers: Age of Extinction Toys R Us Exclusive Kre-O Grimlock Unleashed

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Transformers: Age of Extinction Toys R Us Exclusive Kre-O Grimlock Unleashed



This is the best Kre-O building set ever.  The.  Best.  Ever.  Grimlock is awesome.  He is amazing.  I know he doesn’t transform and has no buildable robot mode, but really, who cares?  His leg joints are well designed to hold his weight.  His feet appeared badly designed to me, but when I placed them on a surface I could see what they did.  His ankles are tilted forward to make it look like he’s getting ready to pounce instead of standing flatfooted.  Very cool.  If I wanted to be greedy, it would have been awesome if they could have rigged a light that could make his eyes glow blue and his mouth glow red, but that is probably asking too much.




He includes Age of Extinction Optimus Prime, Grimlock (G1), Bumblebee, Galvatron, and Lockdown.  They even included a crown for Grimlock, but unfortunately you have to remove his helmet to put it on.  While the package does not say Age of Extinction, the Grimlock Kreon is in a window where the logo would be.  Since it comes with AOE Kreons and was released with them I am including this as part of the line.

Overall: I cannot stress enough how much I love this set.  If you’ve never bought a Kre-O set and have been thinking about it, buy this one.  It’s $25 well spent.  Incredibly, this thing somehow remained a secret until someone found it at retail.  (At least I never heard about it, and I certainly would remember hearing about a G1 anything.)  Please, Hasbro, I am begging you, make a good decision and give us the other four G1 Dinobots.  You have made everything about Dinobots this year, so let’s not stop now.

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