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Transformers: Age of Extinction Voyager Hound



Weapons: Hound has a whole bunch of weapons (but regrettably, no cigar).  They combine into a rifle complete with bayonet.  Unfortunately, several of them are very poorly designed causing some issues when combined and even more when stored in robot mode.  In the combined weapon mode the larger guns on the rear sides of the large weapon plug in on a rectangular peg.  Unfortunately, the peg isn’t very tall and there is no catch to lock it in place.  This makes them prone to falling off.  More on the poor weapon design later.  Two small pegs would have worked much better.


Vehicle Mode: Even with the weapon design issues (and a few others) Hound is probably the best toy in the line released so far.  His vehicle mode is an armored military truck, possibly a troop transport type vehicle.  He looks amazing, with lots of detail like rear view mirrors, windshield wipers, smokestack, and a snorkel (which allows a vehicle to drive through water without stalling, I believe).  His weapons all store on his sides, the boom of the vehicle, or inside his legs inside the vehicle.  The weapons I referenced above clip on the right side of the vehicle (not pictured).  They have the same problem staying on due to the lack of a catch on the rectangular pegs.  You can kind of get them to stay on, but then make sure you don’t touch them.  Even worse, the guns just behind the front wheels (it has a twin on the other side) are attached with a plastic plate that is supposed to slip in between two other plates to hold it on.  It just doesn’t stay in very well.  With how close those gun handles are to the surface it is very easy to knock them off the vehicle.




Robot Mode: His robot mode, weapons aside, has only one problem, and it should have been fixed during the design process.  The back of his hands all the way to his finger tips are covered by a piece of green plastic.  This forms the back top of the vehicle.  I do not like the way it obscures his hands.  Yes, he can still hold his weapons, but it couldn’t have been too difficult to design this piece to rotate the front down 90 degrees, so it would still cover the backs of his hands, but the part covering his fingers would be underneath his hand which would have been fine.  It just shouldn’t have been that hard to do that.  The other issue is storage of his guns in robot mode.  The large guns (referenced above with the rectangular peg) attach to the sides of his chest with a different peg on the rear side of the gun.  The problem is it is a very short round peg, rounded at the end and it is going into a very shallow hole.  There isn’t enough to the peg to male it stay in, if you touch it even a little it will pop out.  I think if the pegs weren’t rounded it would be fine.  I understand that the weapon probably looks better this way, but who cares about aesthetics if you can’t attach it where it is supposed to go?  The guns on his hips, also referenced above, are connecting with the same plate, and don’t stay in very well.  In robot mode without the gun handles dragging along the ground, it’s not as bad.  I don’t want to focus on only the bad.  He really looks awesome, muscular and barrel-chested, very military.  His forearms are either supposed to be made from, or covered in, bands of ammunition.  His upper arms seem to have ammunition clips molded in and painted bronze.  I love the molded wheels as feet, and what an awesome head sculpt.  The beard looks completely awesome.

Overall: Do not let all my complaints cloud how awesome this toy is.  The gun attachment issues suck, but in my opinion are not a fatal flaw.  The issues with the plate on the back of his hand might be a bit nitpicky, but couldn’t have been that hard to change.  Having said all that, it’s still the best toy in the line so far.  I highly recommend Hound.  I really hope that down the road we will get a Leader Class Hound.  There is, I believe, one Leader Class toy as yet unannounced.  We know they don’t like to make Leader Class Decepticons, which sucks as I would love a LC Galvatron, but I am hoping the fourth one is Hound.  Leader Bumblebee was just released in Australia recently, so I would hope we’d know who that fourth one is soon.

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