Blog #327: Toy Reviews: Transformers Bot Shots Single Packs 2013 Wave 1 (Bumblebee, Ironhide, Shockwave, Sunstorm)

Transformers Bot Shots Single Packs 2013 Wave 1 (Bumblebee, Ironhide, Shockwave, Sunstorm)





Before I get to the specifics, you can read my thoughts on the Bot Shots concept here, and the online video game here.

Hasbro decided to release one example of all three new designs, Flip Shops, Spin Shots, and Jump Shots, in wave 1.  This was one of the better decisions they’ve made with this line.  I’m going to go through each new design in detail and refer back to this blog in future blogs about the different designs.



Flip Shots: The Flip Shot design has a flat panel on the bottom of the vehicle.  It’s released when the button is pressed causing the rest of the vehicle to flip over backwards with enough force to stand him up.  The mechanism seems to work pretty well, but sometimes he doesn’t land right side up.

Bumblebee: I like the look of Bumblebee’s vehicle mode and in robot mode he looks much better than the original design.

Spin Shots: The Spin Shot design is much like the original.  It pops up, but unlike the original, the upper torso spins like a top with arms out.  You have to wind his torso before putting him in vehicle mode, if you don’t, they won’t lock.  This design works really well, but has a major flaw that the entire top and front of the vehicle folds out behind it.

Ironhide: He looks great.  I like the G1 coloring, but he’s modeled after a pickup truck, much like the original Bot Shot version.

Jump Shots: You knew Hasbro had to have a dud eventually.  I have yet to make a Jump Shot land on it’s feet.  The design is simple.  The robot body on the bottom of the vehicle is spring loaded.  It snaps down onto the surface, forcing the whole toy up and onto it’s feet (though it doesn’t actually end up on it’s feet).  Admittedly, I only tested in a half dozen times, but it really shouldn’t be so hard to make it work correctly.  However, of all of them, I think the Jump Shots have the best looking robot modes.

Shockwave: He has a great head sculpt and a G1 paint job.  I just wish he had treads like Brawl.

Sunstorm: Sunstorm is a straight repaint of the Starscream mold in translucent orange with white wheels.  Interestingly, all the currently available Super Bots from the 2013 waves use the original molds.  This might just be because they want to keep using those molds, but I have to wonder if the translucent plastic is problematic on some of the new designs. The Jump Shots especially seem to hit the surface with a lot of force to make them jump, and maybe they are worried about breakage.  Of course, I might just be over thinking it.

Overall: I give Hasbro credit for coming up with new molds.  I do wonder how much life the line has left in it.  I haven’t seen the reports from Toyfair about Bot Shots, but the 3-Pack Super Bots are numbered 5 and 6, so that means they likely only have four waves of simple packs planned.  That doesn’t seem to be enough to support the line for the rest of the year.  Of course, there are many reasons this could be.  They might be debuting more new molds later this year, or maybe they are going to do Prime or Beast Hunters next.  It’s hard to say, but hopefully we’ll have a better idea after Toyfair.

Thanks for reading!

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