Blog #575: Toy Reviews: Bot Shots Final Wave (Spin Shot Megatron, Flip Shot Twinstrike, Blitz Shots Inferno & Hound, Flip Shot Super Bot Skywarp)

Toy Reviews: Bot Shots Final Wave (Spin Shot Megatron, Flip Shot Twinstrike, Blitz Shots Inferno & Hound, Flip Shot Super Bot Skywarp)


Well, it had to happen. Hasbro canceled Bot Shots last year without telling anyone, and made it nearly impossible and ridiculously expensive to get the last wave of Bot Shots. Typical.


This last wave is on Canadian cards with text in English, French and either Spanish or Portuguese, I’m not sure which. These toys on the exact same cards are available in Australia. I read somewhere (I can’t recall what site) that Hasbro sent stock from England to Australia because they apparently sold very well in Australia and retailers wanted them. However, the ones I’ve seen for sale from Australia have these same card back. Not sure exactly what that means. Maybe they were only produced on these cards, I don’t know. I’ve only ever seen official Hasbro pictures on all English USA cards, so I’m guessing they were never produced on the all English cards.

Also of note, many of the toys that were planned, including more three packs, five packs, launchers, and at least one more wave of single packs were not released at all. The toys were numbered. The cancellations left two sequential numbers missing. Series 2 #B010 was to be Jump Shot Skystalker and is show on the cross sell on at least one of these. This is an odd omission since previously all toys accept for Super Bots had been released sequentially. Super Bot #SB004 would have been available in the final wave of single packs (not sure who it was supposed to be). They did a weird thing with Super Bot numbering. Series 2 1-4 were single packs, and 5-8 were from the three packs, so that one being unreleased makes sense. I will continue to keep an eye out for the Skystalker to show up, but it’s doubtful.

While the Bot Shots game was lousy, the toys were fun and cheap. It’s too bad we didn’t at least get the rest of the announced ones, there were some nice ones upcoming in the three packs.

Before I get to the toys, you can read my thoughts on the Bot Shots concept here, the online video game here, and the new Flip Shot, Spin Shot, and Jump Shot designs for 2013 here.


tfbsfinal-3Starting from the left, Megatron is a new mold Spin Shot. His vehicle mode looks pretty cool, but I’m not sure if it is supposed to be a jet or a ground vehicle. It’s got nice paint apps. Twinstrike looks great. He is the second new mold in this wave, a Flip Shot. I really like the molding for his twin heads. Inferno and Hound are repaints of Sentinel Prime and Ironhide respectively. Nothing special here. Skywarp, the translucent Super Bot rounds out the wave. He looks awesome, best of the wave hand down. He is also a new Flip Shot mold. It’s unfortunate we won’t get any of the other jets in this mold.

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