Blog #2275: Toy Reviews: Transformers: Collaborative Tonka Tonkanator (Mega Dozer, Mega Hauler, Motor Load, Motormix, Power Digger, Skyhook, Tonkanator)

Transformers: Collaborative Tonka Tonkanator (Mega Dozer, Mega Hauler, Motor Load, Motormix, Power Digger, Skyhook, Tonkanator)

This set is awesome. I must admit, finding a G1 style G1 mold gift set on the shelf at Target made my G1-loving heart skip a beat. Makes me sad that they seem to be collecting dust of the shelves. He might be a little overpriced at $105, but Tonkanator is well worth it. All of the mold changes from the Vintage G1 Walmart reissue are present. Strangely, the set omits a part. Devastator is supposed to have two drills, one for Mega Dozer (Bonecrusher) and one for Power Digger (Scavenger), but the set only comes with one. The instructions show this being used for Power Digger. Mega Dozer is pictured with Motormix’s (Mixmaster) single missile. That works, but it’s odd they would leave out a piece like that. I’d love to hear the reason for this from Hasbro. They did go to the effort to change the instructions, so it’s wasn’t an accidental omission. To be clear, I don’t find this a major issue as I’m only going to display him combined anyway, but it is very strange. The yellow and black color scheme looks great on these guys. I am really impressed with this set. I still want a G2 yellow and G2 orange Devastator reissue. At least the molds are still around, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

Mega Dozer

Mega Hauler

Motor Load


Power Digger



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