Blog #2276: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations Pulse Con 2022 A Hero Is Born 2-Pack (Alpha Trion & Orion Pax)

Transformers: Generations Pulse Con 2022 A Hero Is Born 2-Pack (Alpha Trion & Orion Pax)

Vector Sigma & Key

Vector Sigma and its key are pretty cool. Not sure why they included it with this set. The episode “The Key To Vector Sigma” has nothing to do with Orion Pax becoming Optimus Prime. That happened in War Dawn. Frankly, it would have made more sense to include it with Motormaster, as the Stunticons were given life in “The Key To Vector Sigma”.

Alpha Trion

Previous Mold Use: The Movie: Studio Series Voyager Class Scourge, The Movie: Studio Series Voyager Class Sweep

I would never have thought of Scourge as the base mold for Alpha Trion. The vehicle mode feels wrong, but looks great. In Robot mode he is absolutely awesome. They remolded parts of Scourge’s wings to look more like Alpha Trion’s cape. It works way better than I thought it would. The new head sculpt is awesome, and his colors are great. Scourge and Sweep used different hands, one having a closed left hand and open right hand, and the other having a closed right hand and an open left hand. For Alpha Trion they used both open hands.

Orion Pax

Previous Mold Use: The Movie: Studio Series Deluxe Class Kup, Buzzworthy Bumblebee: Studio Series Deluxe Class Kup

Years ago eHobby did a two pack of G1 Kup and Wheelie repainted as Orion Pax and Dion. For that reason, Orion Pax is the automatic repaint of Kup. One of these days I would like to see an Orion Pax done as a completely original mode to establish his alternate mode as being different from “Kup repaint”. He never appeared in vehicle mode in “War Dawn”. Having said that, Orion Pax looks fine. He has a new head and new chest.

Overall: This is a really nice set, but deeply flawed. As great as Alpha Trion looks in robot mode, I don’t see Scourge’s vehicle mode making sense. Orion Pax looks fine, but I’m tired of him being a Kup repaint. Vector Sigma looks great, but it makes no sense being in this set.

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